Founder, Norine Bishop

January 1, 2020


My daughters – There is a spiritual awakening taking place in the Body of Christ. I am speaking to all individuals, and those who are willing and obedient will eat the good of the land as you enter into this next decade 2020.  The Glory Call is a part of the Body of Christ.  I created this platform/this conference call for my daughters who are willing to seek me first - that is why it is by invitation only – I am responding to sincere prayers and making divine connections. I am telling you the vision, mission, and purpose of TGC so that you will know that it’s me who is challenging and stretching you so that you will walk in and experience the abundant like I sent Jesus to die for.


For many 2019 was painful but you made it. It’s over – hallelujah! Now do as Paul said – leave those things behind and press forward in 2020. You know Jeremiah 29:11 – And I still have a good plan for you – to give you and your family a future BUT don’t go into 2020 without my Word.  You need to make my Word a priority in your life.  This awakening is personal. I am speaking to you. Holy Spirit is drawing you. I gave you Holy Spirit to be your comforter and helper – So stop trying to live your new life in Me without Holy Spirit.  You need Him to lead and guide you into all truth.  You need to know My truth so that you can be free and remain free.  Freedom in Me is necessary for TGC to fulfill its vision – Reach 1mm women for Jesus.  I desire daughters who look like Me, act like Me, smell like Me because I bought you with My blood.  You are not your own anymore. So, in 2020 continue to focus on Matthew 6:33 – Seeking My Kingdom and Righteousness first and watch Me supernaturally add everything else to your life as promised.  Do you want it?


I created you for My Glory and I have assignments for you to do – Get on your assignments. Holy Spirit will reveal your assignments.  Your Will and Faith is enough to walk in complete victory and to tread upon all the powers of the enemy when needed.  I am coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle; therefore, I am responding to my GC daughters who are hungry for Me and who love Me.  Do you love Me? If you love Me, then you will obey Me. And if you obey Me – you and your family can eat the good of the land.  Don’t go into 2020 without my Word says the Lord.


“I will bless you more in 2020 so that you can be a blessing to others”